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Tevfik Arif shares his impressions of Empire State Building

Tevfik Arif shares his impressions of Empire State Building

The legendary Empire State Building skyscraper tower, glorified as the architectural symbol for the equally legendary movie King Kong, is located in New York, Manhattan. When one of the most famous Kazakh entrepreneurs Tofik Arifov first arrived in New York, he did not miss the opportunity to go to the intersection of 33rd and 34th streets to see and evaluate its structure with his own eyes. The creator of the transcontinental Bayrock Group corporation is known for its love of architecture, so undoubtedly, he founded the famous company that builds and reconstructs large-scale buildings.

The businessman and billionaire Tevfik Arif is considered almost the only Kazakhstani who has become a member of the highest governmental and economic circles of the United States. And this influence is quite justified: he currently has contacts with the heads of world powers and the biggest business sharks. His real estate portfolio includes the largest objects in different countries of the world, including the USA.

Tevfik Arif: Empire State Building – an example and object of admiration for me

The head of the Bayrock Group, despite the fact that he himself participated in many grandiose projects, does not cease to admire the Empire State Building. Still, this is history, a symbol of architectural art and the courage of American architects. According to the developer, it is worth remembering that a skyscraper was created during the Great Depression and at the same time with incredible speed – 14 floors in 10 days!

In total, the ESB has 103 floors, which give a height of 373 meters along the top floor, and together with a spire – 381 meters. Forty years he maintained the status of the highest building on Earth until the appearance of the “Twin Towers”. According to Arif, the status of the cultural heritage of the Empire State Building was given by right.

Tofik Arifov: the story of a Kazakhstan boy who became a businessman

The life of a businessman, like the history of Empire State Building, is worthy of getting on the pages of the popular bestseller or script for the film. The entrepreneur-to-be was born in a small town of Soviet Kazakhstan in May 1953. His parents are ethnic Turks who moved to Kazakhstan to work.

Childhood in an environment where you are considered a stranger cannot be called cheerful and bright. In addition, Arif had many sisters and brothers. Growing up in such conditions, Tofik Arifov tempered his character. From an early age he understood: in order to achieve his goals, to stand out and be successful, it is necessary to work twice or even three times harder than others. No one is happy with strangers until they are needed.

Overcoming multiple obstacles, Tofik Arifov was able, without protection and money, to enter the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Having successfully graduated from a prestigious university, he became known as one of the best specialists in economics and trade, immediately gaining a position in the Ministry of Trade of the USSR.

The first ten years were more than successful for a Soviet person. The young man’s ambitions and determination promoted him to the head of the hotel department and foreign economic relations – at that time a very influential position.

Back in the 80s, he showed remarkable ability to negotiate, which helped officials and business people from around the world to establish ties with the Soviet ruling elite. Then he built the foundation for his future business empire, creating a network of personal ties. Using them skillfully, he made Kazakhstan’s economy open to world business.

The first steps in the business of Tofik Arifov in the 90s

In the early 1990s, Tofig Arifov, like many officials, lost his post in the Ministry – as the state collapsed. And he had to start from scratch. Having a high position in his service, he had some help in the form of useful relations, so he decided to start his own business.

Together with some relatives and several other first entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan, Tevfik Arif took up the development of enterprises for the extraction, processing and foreign trade of natural resources. It was he who became the conductor of global investment in the market of Kazakhstan, as well as mutually beneficial relations in the new republic and the rest of the world.

In 2001, a successful entrepreneur already had a significant weight on the international business arena and took up the business that he loved from the time he worked in the state structure — construction, infrastructure and landscaping. One of the first brilliant projects was a five-star hotel in Turkey. Here, with the adventurous hands of Arif, several shopping, entertainment, tourist and recreation complexes have grown.

Success awaited him in the United States. Tevfik Arif successfully implemented his own large-scale projects in New Jersey, Florida, Phoenix and, of course, in New York, namely on the island of Manhattan. After all, it was not only at Empire State Building that the billionaire arrived to look in the largest economic center of America and the world. At the beginning of the millenium he became a member of the American political and business circles. Soon, he establishes friendship with future President Trump and other influential and famous people.

By agreement with Trump, his company is building a condominium hotel in the prestigious Soho district with the consonant name Trump SoHo. This building exceeds the size of the Empire State Building, but at the same time Tevfik Arif does keeps admiring the creation of our predecessors.

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